By design, we turn the German art of baking into a Japanese icon.

Consumer Branding Juchheim

Juchheim is one of Japan's leading confectionary brands – with roots in Germany. That's why the company appreciates our perspective on design. We combine German values with a fascination for Japanese culture like no other agency does.

Because we think like Germans, we understand Japan, and we're big fans of cake.

Karl Juchheim brought Baumkuchen to Japan in 1909. It became very popular, and is now one of Asia's leading confectionary brands. As it prepares for the future, the company's leadership relies on our expertise to modernize the brand while respecting its venerable traditions. Our design reflects our awareness that in Japan, people don't just eat baked goods, they present them as gifts. We are often sad that we can't buy these products in Germany, too. Juchheim has been our client for more almost twenty years.

Too beautiful to be wrapped.

Cake is a popular gift in Japan. And gifts are wrapped. However, we found that they can be designed so beautifully that they don't even need another cover. The ribbon becomes the connecting motif – true to the company motto "Better together".

Typical German can be so exotic.

The company's own German origins are a valuable asset for Juchheim. So it's almost logical that the company chose a German agency partner: We design packaging for products that sound exotic to Japanese ears – and enchant eyes.

Understanding cultures to connect them.

Design that touches hearts begins with understanding for the opposite. For the new corporate identity, we fuse German and Japanese motifs: Some people think it's an oak leaf. Others recognize the Japanese character for "tree." We combine both to create something unique.

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