Peter Schmidt Group


We know where we come from and where we go.

Our mission for the last 45 years: perfection and simplicity.

"Peter Schmidt" is not just a name, but also a testament to design principles and an enduring approach to work that dates right back to our foundation in 1972: A holistic partnership which is both trustworthy and responsible that delivers maximum clarity in design.

We always focus on the brand and work interdisciplinarily to deliver all the services required to maximise its success, from a first market analysis right through to an eventual global rollout, while a collaborative partnership combined with clear communication prevails at the core of each of our projects.

We remain convinced by the power of diversity and our team of more than 220 colleagues, comprised of personalities from many cultures with multiple interests and competencies, both inspires and unites us through our mutual respect and openness to one another.

This is what makes us today Germany's most successful brand and design agency.

Peter Schmidt Group

Some see us as a corporate design agency, others as a packaging design agency. We're both – and much more! Our services range from brand strategy to worldwide implementation and efficient brand management with the help of brand portals. This complete portfolio makes us Germany's most successful branding and design agency.

Our customer relationships:
9 top customers for over 10 years
5 top customers for over 15 years

ABC-Straße 47 in Hamburg. The building is from 1898 and is now listed and protected.

We keep everything within our sights under a great atmosphere; if you come to Hamburg then Daniela is on hand to welcome you.

Without input there is no output; researchers in our library in ABC-Straße.

In Hamburg concepts and designs are created within our studios over three levels; for clients such as Linde, Imperial Tobacco and Postbank.

Spanning a former lock; the Brückenhaus, or Bridge House, in the West Harbour

Enjoying a break with great views; our terrace over the river Main.

Good design needs good people; lots of light and plenty of space enable this in Frankfurt.

An elliptical shape with a retractable roof; the uniquely designed Stilwerk building in Düsseldorf seems like a futuristic arena.

Our Düsseldorf office is located in close proximity to other BBDO companies.

The Theresienhöhe in Munich; looking out from the inside you can see to the Alps.

Working on site in Munich; servicing The Linde Group, Cancom and the Goethe Institute.

Our founder

"Peter Schmidt" may sounds like an ordinary name, yet in truth it is one synonymous around the world for unique design. Our founder was born in 1937, in Bayreut, and after his studies he went to Hamburg. Here he met with Waltraud Bethge and together in 1972 they formed the Peter Schmidt Studios. It is from this partnership that the Peter Schmidt Group later emerged.

Peter Schmidt was, and still is, a successful international style icon across many design disciplines. His work has ranged from product packaging to corporate design, to individual perfume bottles and the whole integrated process of brand consultation, alongside more creative book and stage design. His character and views have greatly influenced us and remain important today in the way we wish to work: holistically, calmly, confidently, independently and creatively, yet always with the aim of achieving the maximum clarity of expression. We thank you Peter.

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