With empathy, we transform brands into market leaders.

We are one of Europe’s most successful brand and design agencies. From our offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich, Lisbon and Tokyo, we guide brands from all over the world along the path of change – agilely, collaboratively, and with a commitment to values.

As innovators in the field of empathetic brand management, we think beyond the purely visual. We focus on the interests of users and their individual context – and help brands find the right solutions. Solutions that offer an emotional connection instead of superficial promises. And make relevance the distinguishing factor. 

We ask questions. And provide answers.

In today's world branding is more complex than ever before. That's why you need an agency that synthesizes the multi-faceted disciplines into a coherent yet simple whole. And helps you answer the really important questions.

Brand strategy

What's the best – most exciting, most sustainable – way for businesses to achieve their goals?

Corporate branding

How can design best be used to convey the company's values?

Consumer branding

What makes your brand fascinating for consumers in the retail environment – and how can packaging design create quantifiable success?

Brand management

How do you launch a new presence with consistency and enthusiasm – and how do you manage it efficiently and agilely on the international stage?

Brand experiences

How can you use a consistent and immersive brand experience across as many touchpoints as possible to enhance customer loyalty?

Which of these questions would you like to pursue with us?

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Your sounding board – dedicated team players.

Yes, we work for outstanding brands. Here are a few of our clients.

Together we set the standards.

We serve clients in every industry and sector – from start-ups to MSEs to global concerns. And we win awards together.

Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
Service providers
Finance and insurance
Industry and mechanical engineering
Consumer goods
Education and culture
Lifestyle and beauty
Transportation and tourism
Professional associations

We've been looking ahead since 1972.

We can illustrate much of what sets us apart by relating anecdotes. And since we've been setting trends in German design for more than 50 years, we have plenty of stories to tell. One of them is about a meeting between Peter Schmidt and the young owner of a fashion boutique, Jil Sander. She asked him to design a logo for her, and that was basically where it all began. His approach also reveals much about the understanding of design that guides us to this day. The design was based not on conventions but solely on Jil's personality. Minimalistic and uncluttered, reminiscent of a banner headline – and so successful that it lasted for decades.

Naturally, Peter took a holistic view of the brand identity, from the letterhead to the perfume bottle, from billboards to the catwalk. His efforts helped make one of Europe's most creative fashion designers a household name and an internationally acclaimed fashion brand – and paved the way for the luxury lifestyle in Germany.

We could also explain why our logo is an elephant. Or why we maintain not only an office in Tokyo but a strong connection to Japanese culture. And why this will all still be relevant tomorrow. But we'll save those stories and tell them to you in person, when we get to know each other.