Six offices. No hierarchy.

Welcome to Germany's most succesful brand and design agency!

Two hundred colleagues who mutually inspire each other. Well-known clients and legendary Christmas parties. Who’s still missing? Of course: you.

Your application will be well received.

Have you seen a job you want to apply for? Then don't hesitate to take the next step. Enter all the important data and facts in our application tool and upload the documents we need. We’ll review your submission and forward it to the relevant contact person in the team. We will then get back to you within a week with an update. By the way, you don't have to attach a photo, or even specify your gender – your creativity is what matters to us!

We want your ideas to feel right at home with us.

Your desk doesn't have to be a desk.

We offer 28 days of vacation – and another 28 days of Flex Work. With Flex Work, you decide where you want to work. The only condition is that you must be available when your colleagues call. Whether at home or in a camper van in Portugal.

Every day you get better at what you do.

No matter how much expertise you bring to the job, our day-to-day work is constantly changing. New software is becoming the standard. Tasks change depending on your career level. You want to brush up on your languages, negotiate confidently, and on top of that keep your creativity alive. Our Elephant Academy offers workshops, online seminars and much more to support you in all of this.

Sports are easier with a little assistance.

Or almost all of us, working means sitting in front of a computer. Sounds comfortable, but it puts a strain on our bodies. That's why we support initiatives for more exercise. Depending on the site, we offer running groups led by personal trainers, we help you pay your gym membership fees, or we invite you to participate in our "PSG bewegt" program.

In the heart of the city, not in the middle of nowhere.

We can unequivocally and in all honesty state that we have terrific offices! And you know what real estate people like to say: "Location counts!" We have it all. You'll quickly get used to short commutes and the high recreational value of your lunch breaks.

Many people have been working for us for more than ten years. They must have some good reasons.

Jennifer Peplow, Human Resource Administration

What do you think it takes to be really good at your job? What qualities are needed?

Flexibility and empathy. And you have to enjoy finding the best organizational solution even in difficult situations. The people who work here are very diverse, and they each have their own way of organizing their work so they can be creative. As a result, their issues and wishes are quite different as well. They make my days incredibly exciting.

Simon Merz, Junior Designer

Why do you do this profession? How did you get into it?

Even during high school I had fun with the typical design programs. Most of what came out of that were just funny pictures of my friends, but that evolved into a love for digital creation. I stuck with it because I always found something new that fascinated me. I think that's what I need in my work: something new every day.

Leonie Jungeblodt, Marketing Communication Trainee

Why did you choose this profession?

When I applied for the internship program, I was expecting a variety of communicative tasks. And my expectations have been confirmed. I switch teams pretty regularly, so I both meet new coworkers and get to know new clients as well. And unlike the common practice in many companies, we apprentices also get to work on projects for big, international clients. So no two days are ever the same.

Ulrich Aldinger, Creative Director

What does a typical day look like for you?

A good day at work usually starts with a cup of coffee and a team meeting to discuss the upcoming tasks and goals. After that I fill the day developing concepts, fine-tuning designs, meeting with clients, and preparing upcoming presentations. As creative director, I play multiple roles: mentor and coach, designer and salesman. I like to end the day in my favorite brewpub, where I admire all the lovingly designed cans but usually opt for a fresh draft beer instead.

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