Pushing brands beyond imagination

We are PSG Imagine. An innovation unit dedicated to elevating brands through creative exploration.

Brand Innovation

Enhance user engagement by creating memorable and impactful interactions.

Digital Experience

Use AI-supported solutions to create smart workflows, stunning visuals, and real-time interactions.

Service Design

Explore the needs of your users, and drive business growth.

Expand your brand 
with our AI

Our generative AI setup streamlines tasks and enables rapid image creation, seamlessly integrating into any workflow. This frees up more time for exploring unique ideas and delivering exceptional creative work for our clients. With on-site use and stringent oversight of training data, we ensure the protection of data privacy and copyrights.

Create images that reflect your brand's unique style.


Enable rapid image creation to become distinctive everywhere.

Develop illustrations consistent with your brand's aesthetic

Find the right expression for everything you can imagine.

Generate high-quality, on-brand AI mockups for your packaging ideas

Bring your products to life without photo shooting.

Create characters that embody your brand identity

Foster deeper connections and credibility by telling a consistent story.

Train an AI brand companion for consistent storytelling and customer engagement

Your local stores can now address all customer needs on a personal level.

Meet the Team

We are Felix, Felix, Michael and Stephan, a multidisciplinary innovation unit dedicated to elevating brands through transformative AI innovations and creative exploration. Feel free to contact us