Traditional teas, freshly brewed.

Brand relaunch for Nativa

Nativa is a genuine classic. The brand has been attracting loyal customers and building strong values for many years. But it has also had to change with the times in order to remain successful in a very competitive market. We made a refreshing product even fresher – so it can stay successful in the future, too!

Harmony in everything

More and more food brands are promising to enhance people’s health and well-being. Nativa has a good reason for doing so, and it’s green tea. We placed its provenance at the center of the brand identity, using stylistic elements that refer to Asia’s strong tea tradition and make the product unmistakable.

Say hello to Asia

The Asian origin of green tea provides impulses for a unique design language. From the color scheme to the unique typography, we rely on design codes that encourage consumers to make a purchase.

Daniele Gasparini, Design Director

"Nativa has a lot of very loyal fans. So when planing the relaunch, we held on to some traditions while at the same time radically modernizing the design. We struck a perfect balance that puts Nativa in a strong position going forward."

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