A fashion icon that does not follow fashions.

Corporate Design for Jil Sander

Jil Sander became a style icon with powerful minimalism. Peter Schmidt developed a logo for her brand that expresses precisely this claim. It polarized at the beginnng - but is still as up-to-date today as it was in 1972. In addition, the MoMa in New York elevates Peter’s flacons to the status of art. Is there any greater recognition for good design?

Boldness instead of bloomers

In an era of opulence, Jil Sander dares to make a counterstatement with her minimalist collections. The logo reflects her personality: with its clear and powerful typography, it quotes the headlines of the yellow press. Does that suit a fashion label? No, say many friends. Yes it does, decides Jil Sander. She becomes an icon. And the logo too.

Jil Sander

“A dress is perfect if there's nothing left that you can leave out.”

The brand as a mirror of personality

A brand is more than its logo. In Jil Sander's case, she herself becomes part of the advertising and poses for campaigns. Her stores are just as reduced as her clothes. Brand and product merge. Peter Schmidt translates the look into perfume bottles: "Pure Woman" consists of nothing more than a cube and a cylinder – maximum reduction. Groundbreaking also in 2021.

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