As strong in character as your own individual beauty

Corporate design for Douglas

From a reseller to a strong cosmetics brand – Douglas is undergoing a radical repositioning. In our view, this was the perfect opportunity for a new visual identity that stands in stark contrast to the look the retailer had established for fifty years. After a brief period of irritation, customers were soon enthusiastic about the change.

More self-confidence, more flexibility.

Contemporary, but not faddish. Uncluttered, but with striking details that underscore the brand's strong personality. At first, the change was disconcerting for some, but ultimately it was the right decision. And successful.

Do it for you!

It's no coincidence that the first two intertwined letters in the new logo form the word "do." It's a subtle call to action, a suggestion to take your appearance into your own hands and create the look you want.

Beauty is grounded in self-confidence. It is authentic and grows from inner strength. Beauty means being courageous enough to be yourself – because there's nothing more beautiful that uniqueness.

Mint is an attitude!

The interplay of the brand colors makes Douglas immediately recognizable while enhancing its playful appeal – whether online, in print media, at the point of sale, or wherever people bring the World of Douglas into their own homes.

Heidrun Angerer, Executive Creative Director

“I believe we have created an absolutely timeless symbol that keeps the focus on how the brand will communicate in the future, and that has the potential to become hugely iconic.”

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