Clean, empathetic - and characteristically Deutsche Bahn.

Deutsche Bahn corporate design

We are evolving the iconic design of Deutsche Bahn, freeing it from rigid rules and adding a new design element. Called the Pulse, it has a strong personality and connects users to the brand across all touchpoints.

Enhancing the brand's strengths and making digital interaction more intuitive.

Everyone knows Deutsche Bahn. It's immediately recognizable thanks to design codes like its iconic logo and the red stripe on its white trains. We are retaining established brand elements and giving them more leeway to develop even more impact. And we're adding a new element called the Pulse that concisely conveys information and expresses emotions – whether it is used for interactive feedback in apps, as an icon, in advertising campaigns or as an architectural accent. And the best part is: Although it is a new creation, it feels like it has always been there, because it is derived from the existing, familiar design elements.

Mobility can be so simple.

Fewer rules, more flexibility. And with it: maximum conciseness! We simplify Deutsche Bahn's brand presence - so that it always fits perfectly: on digital interfaces and in print. On the platform and, of course, on the train. And also at all touchpoints that are still to come in the future.

Ready for an age of digitally networked services.

Deutsche Bahn has long been thinking in terms of networked mobility services. And what is networked comes together in digital devices. So it's all the more important that the company's design is also convincing in apps like the Navigator. The clarity of our design elements provides every opportunity for this. This also includes our house font DB Type: We bring order to the number of font styles and optimize the hinting. This makes it easier to read in digital applications.

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