Making the vision of autonomous mobility accessible to everyone.

Corporate Design for HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies is a leading service for location data – with a clear vision: Creating an autonomous world 
for everyone! We have developed a design system that brings this idea to life and is at the same time impressively simple: the Flow.

A brand language which continuously flows and interacts. Creating one unified brand experience.

Solving complexity with radical simplicity.

The services of HERE are very technical and complex. But at the same time, they are relevant to more and more users. By using design, we make them tangible for everyone.

Flowing design language

Always moving, never rushing: The dynamic layered layout system offers maximum flexibility. For all touchpoints – including those yet to come. It illustrates the brand’s self-image as a collaborative platform.

Connecting data and people

Color gradients symbolize the flow of data – at the same time, they have a positive and vibrant impact. We use them to make technical expertise accessible.

A human brand voice

Compatible with a wide range of language systems and easy to use: The FiraGO brand font combines flexibility with efficiency.

Dynamic icon language

Seamless user experiences: from the smallest device to the biggest stages of the global technology world. Whether map POIs, User Interfaces or the booth at CES 2020.

Characterful illustrations and infographics make difficult stories comprehensible.

Engaging, vibrant, human: event experiences become tangible and inspiring.

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