Shaping luxury in the era of electromobility

Mercedes-Benz has always stood for automotive innovation. We bring this claim to the visual identity of its sub-brand Mercedes-EQ, redefining progressive luxury.

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Our starting point: the new luxury strategy of Mercedes-Benz. Our hero that characterizes the new age of electromobility as part of the EQA campaign: the translucent, sculptural, light star. It absorbs the color of the background and is thus perfect for flexible use on all kind of images. A new typography and visual language, brighter colors and a less rigid layout system complete the look. They emphasize the spirit of optimism and the future-oriented openness of the sub-brand. At the same time, they are unmistakably Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-EQ visually conveys a mood that people have always associated with the dawn: new beginnings and the enthusiasm to explore new possibilities. Being part of a movement that leads to a better future – and open for change.

As part of the Team X agency network, we develop new formats, technologies, and new ways of telling stories for one of the world’s most prestigious car brands. Working closely with global experts, we make Mercedes-Benz the epitome of modern luxury: playful, iconic, timeless forever.

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