Stay positive, test negative!

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In the days of the pandemic, what’s needed is not creative busy work but concrete assistance. Design can provide a valuable service by giving people orientation and making new rules easy to understand. We developed a set of icons and posters – suitable for use in offices and shops, at schools and events – that anyone can use free of charge.

Universally comprehensible: The icon set.

Our icon set translates behavioral recommendations into a design that is easy to grasp and easy to integrate into the entire spectrum of corporate identities, regardless of the industry or the scenario.


Fit for every situation: The poster set.

Ready-to-print posters in German and English with instructions for typical situations in offices or other shared spaces. You may also use our editable InDesign templates to change and adapt the posters to your needs.


Create a positive mood

With all of the regulations we have faced, we understand the importance of spreading a positive mindset. Remembering to thank people for their commitment to public safety and reminding everyone to smile are among the many ways to promote a positive mentality.

Communicate clear messages

The corona pandemic caught the world unprepared and with no clear design rules for visualizing the new regulations. Combining familiar visual codes with a streamlined modern design to meet the needs of today, our unique icons are inspired by DIN EN ISO 7010 “Mandatory Safety Signs.”

Create a safe space

As we move forward and begin returning to our offices and public spaces, maintaining a safe environment is essential. Whether as individual icons, posters or leaflets, the Pandemic Design System has the basics covered for every situation.

Be prepared and stay up to date.

Please note: These designs are not intended as medical recommendations, but as a creative contribution. We recommend that all users regularly inform themselves about the latest guidelines – for example, by consulting the website of the public health office. In Germany, you can find further information at the "Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung" or the Public Accident Insurance DGUV.

We are happy to receive documentation photos of the icons and posters in use! And a big thank you for all of the images we have already received. Stay healthy!

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