Peter Schmidt Group helps consulting company WAYES build its brand

Hamburg, 28.10.2021

The Hamburg consulting company comes has changed its name to WAYES – shifting the focus even more strongly to its expertise in positively shaping change and restructuring processes within companies. In developing its new brand, the company relied on the expertise of the design agency Peter Schmidt Group.

The consulting company has been guiding its clients – whether medium-sized companies or listed corporations – along the pathway of change since 2001. This was also reflected in the company's name, which came from the Latin word for "companion." Now, 20 years after it was founded, the company itself had a desire for change, and wanted to convey its optimistic attitude towards change processes even more strongly than before. WAYES partner and managing director Konrad Martin explains: "We are constantly growing and developing. It was time to communicate this change clearly and to the point." Professional support was provided by Peter Schmidt Group, which is not only Germany's top-selling brand and design agency, but also shares a similar view of change processes and sees itself as a "partner for positive change."

Over the past twelve months, the agency and client developed a new strategic positioning, a new name for the company, a completely new corporate design system, as well as various digital and print communication media – in short, everything it takes to consistently communicate the positive view of change both internally and externally, and the tools needed to continue setting standards in the competitive environment in the future.

A new name full of optimism

This attitude is evidenced by the new name the company has chosen for itself: WAYES. Partner and managing director Stefan Wechsung explains: “The compound of 'way' and 'yes' represents exactly what we embody. We are advocates for progress – and also willing to tackle the challenging path. We say 'Yes' to change!" The designers at Peter Schmidt Group developed a corporate design for WAYES that is both modern and flexible, with a positive, pluralistic color scheme and a distinctive wordmark. The name WAYES, written in capitals, features a mirrored Y that expresses a willingness to develop new and unconventional solutions. It can also be detached from the logo and used as a key visual in diverse ways. “If you manage to express the positioning of a company through its design, then it is particularly effective. And if the application is also fun, then the effect on the company is also great,” says Norbert Möller, Executive Creative Director of the Peter Schmidt Group.

Lukas Cottrell, managing partner at Peter Schmidt Group, says, "Society is currently undergoing tremendous change – first the digital transformation and then the sustainability transformation. Shaping this change in a positive way is a challenge that all companies must face. WAYES is showing how to tackle it successfully – with consistency in terms of content and appearance, with confidence and also with optimism."

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