to the
Peter Schmidt Group.

“For us, creativity and team spirit are more important than a perfect CV. To effectively work together the real talent needed is enthusiasm.”  

Stefan Lembcke,
Human Resources Manager, Peter Schmidt Group

“Working autonomously on projects in a truly creative environment has always been important for me.” 

Josefine Kramann,
Junior Consult, Brand Strategy, Peter Schmidt Group

“I have gained great insight during my internship, even in the busy times I have always had a great team on my side.” 

Laura Spazal,
Praktikantin, Corporate Branding, Peter Schmidt Group

“Together in our team we are bringing forward ideas that are unique and surprising, and therefore fit perfectly to the brand.” 

Daniela Tegeler,
Senior Designerin, Product Branding, Peter Schmidt Group

“Consistent brand development, which is effective internationally, only works for me when I am able to collaborate with my colleagues across many disciplines.” 

Daniel Schludi,
Designer, Corporate Branding, Peter Schmidt Group