Simple. Catchy. Rebellious.

Corporate design for the Rosa Schapire Art Prize

The award was named after a woman with an unconventional, independent and provocative view of art. We created a visual identity that conveys her free-spirited way of thinking.

An inverted “R”

The upside-down R turns heads with its bright pink color and the serif reminiscent of a rose’s thorn. No matter which medium it is used in, it catch’s the viewer’s eye. It appears in print and online, in spatial installations and on building signage – even giving the trophy itself its shape.

A rebel with class!

The new look features a reduced color palette. Combining luminous pink with bronzes, golds, and plenty of white space creates a distinctive, high-quality appearance suitable for an art prize.

A homage to Rosa Schapire

Dubbed the “Homage”, the art prize’s high-quality communication medium unfolds into a 1.70-by-1.20-meter poster that honors the artist who gave the award its name. It features the key visual – a photograph of a rose embedded in a block of ice – symbolizing Rosa Schapire, a courageous women who lived in demanding times.

As an art historian at the turn of the 20th century, she campaigned against traditional notions of art and championed the modern, the contemporary. The art award named for her is just as extraordinary as she was. It is conferred not by a panel of judges but by a single individual selected by the patrons of Hamburg's art museum. This bold approach is reflected in the prize’s new visual identity.

Norbert Möller, Executive Creative Director

“We set up 60 Rs made of Styrodur® around the museum to serve as signposts pointing the way to the awards ceremony. After the event, souvenir hunters pocketed them and took them home. What better praise for a logo could one hope for?”

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