We turned a forgotten hero into a favored brand.

Brand Relaunch for Rauch

We enhanced the emotional appeal of the HeyHo brand of fruit juices from Hungary. After temporarily disappearing from supermarket shelves, it has now returned as a popular new favorite.

The best ingredients, beautifully spelled out.

Our basic idea: “Reif für ein Lächeln” (Ripe for enjoyment) – because only the best fruit tastes so good it puts a smile on your face! And if you want to know what all went into the bottle, the lovingly handwritten typography conveys a sense of quality and genuine enthusiasm with each and every word. When people ask us why we're proud of HeyHo, we always say that working with this brand helped us understand Hungary.

Daniele Gasparini, Design Director

“In Hungary HeyHo is a popular brand that many people know and love from their childhood days. The new design for the brand relaunch is close to people’s hearts. It makes them smile and has exceeded sales expectations."

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