We're making an American icon even more iconic.

Consumer branding for Purex

When people in North America do their laundry, they reach for Purex. A true icon with cult status, it has been in almost every American household for decades. We're making it even more distinctive – and at the same time more versatile – for the future.

This bottle is unmistakable

We developed an entire design system based on a unique shape

The shape of the bottle makes Purex immediately recognizable. Based on the unique shape, we created a white triangle that serves as a unique brand trademark. It gives the Purex name appear more prominence and catches shoppers' eyes on supermarket shelves.

More differentiation, better orientation

One brand, three new product groups

“Value for money” – that's what Purex stands for. And that is not going to change. At the same time, the brand is offering more options with the new product groups Core, Natural Elements and Crystal Freshness.

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