The future branding 
of heated tobacco

Brand Design, Packaging Design and Store Design for Pulze

We develop a multi-sensory brand experience from the first click on the smartphone to the in-store consultation. Started for Japan - ready for the whole world.

PULZE: a new movement

PULZE is a new global brand entering a quickly-evolving product category. Equal parts tobacco brand and technology brand, it heralds a new era in the way people enjoy tobacco. A smarter alternative to the traditional experience of combustible smoking. In keeping with this sense of evolution our positioning is heated tobacco the way it should be, establishing PULZE at the forefront of this movement.

Tobacco is an intimately personal choice, therefore PULZE communicates on a human level:  tech with a human touch, which speaks to all the senses with a warm, welcoming familiarity. 

Memorable for an international audience

It was decided our new product would be called PULZE. Simple, dynamic, memorable and easy for an international audience to understand and articulate. To create a premium logo, we opted for a font that combines the clean lines of the tech world with friendly rounded forms which echo the shape of the device. Taking further inspiration from the device, the three distinctive dots mirror the lights on the product.

Joining the dots

Expanding on the dot concept within the logo, we used the dots to form the foundation of the PULZE design language. We created a unique and flexible brand pattern that suggests dynamism and continual movement.

With the Brand Sound we can communicate the brand promise creatively and effectively - without any visuality.

Simple, dynamic, memorable: the more understandable a brand is for an international audience, the easier it is to recommend it to others.

Digitally Linked

The customer journey extends far beyond the product

We developed a digital ecosystem that helps build and maintain relationships between consumers and brands. We also combine technology and emotions with digital channels - because they are responsive and scalable, but at the same time entertaining. From the premium website to motion graphics: we also bring the personality of PULZE to life digitally.

Our brand spaces are built around one central idea – home.

A place like home, a hyper local approach.

We removed any trace of a traditional shop and instead furnished our spaces with a range of cool, but welcoming home comforts. Every last detail is carefully considered to create an engaging brand experience that appeals to all the senses.

Flexible POS System, 
high ambient quality, 
product promotion meets excellent design.

All of the details create a holistic brand experience that appeals to all of the senses.

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