Putting purity on the world's supermarket shelves.

Consumer branding for Persil

Nothing beats Persil for deep cleaning laundry. But how can the brand identity convey the detergent's power? We examined the traditional symbols for purity around the world and used them to give the iconic German laundry detergent a distinctive visual identity. Worldwide, for 15 years now.

A bit different everywhere - but unmistakably Persil.

A global identity that accommodates regional differences

"Purity" is an important concept in all of the world's cultures. But while people around the world are united in wanting clean clothes, their laundry methods differ greatly from place to place. Hand or machine wash? Cold or warm water? Powder or liquid detergent? Different regions of the world have different ideas about how to get their clothes clean. So we created a design that makes a clear statement while at the same time allowing leeway for market-specific adaptations.

An image everyone can agree on.

The wave as key visual

Everywhere in the world, water is a symbol for purity and freshness. We created a key visual of a wave that is immediately understandable all over the world and works well on packaging of all kinds for a variety of products.

For lights or darks. The wave is a constant.

With specialized products for colored fabrics and sensitive skin, among other special offerings, laundry detergent is becoming more and more diverse. Strong design codes ensure a consistent brand identity.

Big bottle, little box – clean clothes

Persil is available in the extra-large family size box, as a liquid in bottles, and in some markets even as pods or sachets. That means our design had to be flexible. Mission: Accomplished.

Always enthusiastic about Persil. Even if it's called Le Chat.

Along with Henkel, we give our all.

We have united the world of laundry detergents, from Europe and the Middle East to Latin America. Even in places where other brand names are more established than Persil. Our most recent success was the brand's acclaimed comeback in the United States.

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