From bargain basement to design discounter.

Corporate design for Penny

Just because you're inexpensive doesn't mean you have to look cheap. With the slogan "Erstmal zu Penny“ (Stop by Penny first) we freed the supermarket chain from its grubby image and turned it into Germany’s first design discounter. Penny: honest, inexpensive, ironic.

“A brand like Penny is anything but banal. So there’s nothing wrong with it being a little iconic.”

Niels Stehn, Creative Director

Penny. Full stop.

Spotlight on what's really important

“Penny” is synonymous with “cheap”. And anyone who passes by can see it’s a supermarket. So let’s get rid of the wordmark nonsense. Get to the point by giving the Penny some style. ’Nuff said. Penny. Full stop.

A Penny can do so much!

The dot dominates the entire visual identity

Competition among discounters is huge. The market is fiercely competitive. Transforming the Penny into a stylized dot gives the brand recognizability, personality and differentiation.

To the point.

Penny’s new visual identity is clean, simple and unmistakable. The logo’s design vocabulary can be easily adapted to all touchpoints, appearing on shopping carts, shopping bags, advertising brochures, and both indoor and outdoor signage. Best of all, the corporate design is no longer merely functional. It does the job in an inspiring way.

Penny. Simply unmistakeable.

The entire country is remodeling.

One market concept for 2250 markets

The produce in green here, the bread in red there, and the latest specials in the middle. We are giving every Penny market a new layout with lower shelves and counters so people can see where they are and find what they need. It also makes each store seem much, much bigger than before.

Make room on the shelves for Penny

150 house brands consolidated into one: Penny.

Fancy, Knabsi, Blik and Salamio – these were just four of the more than 150 house brands. How are customers supposed to associate them all with Penny? There's no way! It was time for some clarity. In a word: “Penny”! The Penny private label and sales brand mutually support each other, are easy to identify and identify with, and promote customer loyalty.

“Just a yellow dot on a red wall. And everybody immediately associates it with ‘Penny’. There's no other discounter that can do that.”

Norbert Möller, Executive Creative Director

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