Cork accessories that do a good deed.

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Accessories featuring cork leather in designs inspired by maritime distress signals make an unmistakable fashion statement while helping refugees stranded at sea.

Striking flag patterns make a statement

Maritime distress signals inspired the name and the design.

International shipping communicates using maritime signals in the form of two flags hoisted one above the other. This was not only the inspiration for the name of the collection "N über C" (N over C), but also for the design. We screen-printed flag patterns on above the other onto the material, just as they would be displayed on a flagpole. They're translatable, but they don't need to be. The patterns themselves make a discreet statement of their own.


Hand-printed by our creative team and hand-sewn by the label “frisch Beutel” from Frankfurt.

Regional handicraft

For the screen printing, the embossing on the label, and the actual sewing of these fine accessories, we collaborated with ateliers and workshops around Frankfurt am Main.

Trendy cork serves as a discreet ambassador

Cork leather is a popular alternative to animal leather for many people. And because every knows cork doesn't sink, it's the perfect material for our accessories.

100% hand-made, 100% donated.

The entire proceeds from the sales are donated to an organization that helps refugees stranded at sea.

We are grateful to Fabrice Pöhlmann for the product photographs, some of which can be seen here. Also: Kerstin Lichtblau and Michael Bloeck, the Atelierhaus Basis studio, GT Screen Printing, Schilling & Croll, Stitch by Stitch and Janusch Ertler. And of course, frisch Beutel.


DDC "Good Design 18", Identity, Gold - ADC Germany 2017, Sustainable Design, Shortlist - Corporate Design Prize 2017, Award - Red Dot Award Product Design 2017, Special Mention - iF Design Award 2018, Corporate Design, Award

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