The dawn of a new era.

Brand Design for Mercedes-EQ

As lead agency for corporate design, we develop the visual identity for the Mercedes-EQ sub-brand. Our starting point: the new luxury strategy of Mercedes-Benz. Our hero: the translucent star that characterizes the new age of electromobility as part of the EQA campaign.

The translucent Star: Symbol of modern electromobility

The translucent star conveys luxury in its nuanced and scupltural design, but at the same time symbolizes the lightness and progressiveness of the Mercedes-EQ sub-brand. 
Its transparency allows it to absorb the color of the background, making it perfect for flexible use on image motifs.

More progressive – less black

We abandon the classic black layout area and give the image room to work. For a better contrast ratio we developed a translucent layer.

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