We made a German restaurant concept typically Italian.

Corporate Design for L’Osteria

From Kiel to Rosenheim, one thing is always the same: When you visit a L’Osteria restaurant, you feel like you're in Bella Italia! And that's not only because of the food. The chain's brand identity includes many details that make you expect a Vespa to come rattling around the corner any second – and yes, we also created the tagline!

Little moments, grande ambience

White, red, black. They make a strong statement and are easy to use, ensuring agile brand communication from billboards to online orders via the app.

The best best pizza.

One dish makes L’Osteria unique – its pizza. It’s big, it’s delicious, it’s who L’Osteria is. That’s why it features prominently in the new brand tagline: The best best pizza.

More amore, more attention.

In terms of design, it doesn't take much to awaken memories of Italy. A set of individual illustrations. A distinctive mix of lines and typefaces. Plus plenty of room for personal style! In the restaurant, we keep it low-key – but we go all out in our external communication.

Black and white, but still a colorful mix

The custom-made illustrations in the style of precise woodcuts and the screened pen-and-ink drawings that appear on the menu, the pizza carton, and the website, for example, reflect the artisanry and love of detail that guests experience at L’Osteria. And we have more to offer: Tipografia mista! A combination of four fonts, each with a strong character of its own, proves how much gusto can be found in the printed word.

Because “mamma mia” sounds different than “my mother”

Twinkle of the eye, che bello! L’Osteria communication includes snippets of Italian to create an unmistakable identity.

We love it, and so do the awards juries.

iF DESIGN AWARD 2016, Corporate Design, Award - DDC "Gute Gestaltung 16", Corporate Design, Award

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