We came up with a new look – along with the story about two dissimilar brothers.

Consumer Branding for Market Grounds

How do ensure that a new brand for premium potato chips will stand out on the supermarket shelves? Clearly, it requires an appearance that immediately stands out from the crowd. But it also takes an emotional appealing story about the idea behind the product.

From a British import to a successful export. Back to Great Britain.

The story of John & John has a plot twist that’s better and more interesting than anything we could have thought up. We knew our tale of two British cohorts would work in Germany – that was no surprise. But that our “typically British” product would be so successful it would be exported to Great Britain – that's an excellent punchline.

No green, no red. And no pictures of potatoes.

When people think of a bag of crisps, they probably have a pretty clear visual image of what it should look like. Faced with a choice of conforming to that expectation or consciously flouting it, we chose the latter. Our design doesn't feature any images of food. And it is white, an unfamiliar color for snack packaging. It stands out and makes these crisps easy to choose. Illustrations with a steel-engraved look, striking numbers, color coding, and symbolism from maritime signal flags provide orientation for customers.

There’s a reason for the nautical alphabet. His name is John.

Every brand needs a story, so we came up with one. Fictional, but likeable, it's the John Farmer, a potato grower who made crispy, golden yellow snacks, and John Sailor, an adventurer and globetrotter who brought home exotic spices from his world travels. The happy ending of the story is a new product that fits perfectly in the range of fine foodstuffs made by the Hamburg-based company Market Grounds.

Traveling the world

Tasked with bringing the story of potato grower John Farmer and adventurer John Sailor to life, the Brand Spaces Team of Peter Schmidt Group created a unique and successful brand identity.


2012 Red Dot Award, Brand Development - 2012 iF Award in Gold, Brand Development - 2012 ADC New York in Silver, Packaging - 2012 ADC Deutschland, Packaging (nominated)

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