Revamping an icon without changing the icon.

Brand relaunch for Hilti

A red tool box at a construction site – no question about it, it's a Hilti. You don't mess around with genuine icons like this one. And yet we were able to make it quite a bit more modern and accessible. All of the brand change assets were gathered in an easy-to-use brand portal – the perfect tool for professionals, just like a Hilti.

Performance meets people.

Two thirds of Hilti's employees are in customer service. And now, finally, the brand is making that fact more obvious.

Not a revolution, just a homage to the brand's most valuable visual element. The company's logo remains virtually unchanged, but has been optimized for use in digital media. As for all the other corporate design elements, the guiding principle was Less Technology, More Humanity! With warmer colors, an authentic imagery style, and communicative statements that get right to the point. All united under brand motto: Driven to make a difference.

Norbert Möller, Executive Creative Director

“Red tool case, white lettering – the Hilti visual identity is iconic. There was no question we wanted to preserve it, but the typeface, color scheme and tone of voice provided enough powerful levers to take the brand's visual identity to the next level.”

A professional tool for the employees of the Hilti brand.

To help the company's 27,000 employees understand why and how the brand was changing, we created a centralized brand portal that provides background information about the strategic repositioning. Everyone who works with the brand finds everything they need for their daily work in one place.

In terms of its technology, the portal is based on BrandScape, a customized enterprise solution we developed in-house that can be easily adapted to meet our clients' specific needs. All of the tools – including Digital Asset Management (DAM) and a video database – are seamlessly integrated to create a consistent brand experience.

Lukas Cottrell, Managing Partner

“Implemented and put into operation on schedule within just six months, the brand portal was a decisive factor in facilitating the brand relaunch within one year.”

Where the pros meet.

In retail stores and at trade fairs, the product experience is a key focus.

We developed a consistent brand identity across every real-world touchpoint with the target group, with a global concept for signage, retail and trade fairs. The Hilti stores were given an entirely new look that made them opener and more communicative, offering ideal conditions for trying out the products – and enabling discourse among professionals on equal footing.

Wood, concrete – but above all, dialog.

There's a new floor plan for all of the approximately 700 Hilti stores in 78 countries around the world, with workbenches for relaxed conversations, places to test the product highlights, and an unpolished look intentionally reminiscent of workshop furniture. Tabletops with rubberized surfaces provide grip, while oak planks indicate areas for consultation and communication.

Swenja Helms, Director Consulting

“The new Hilti stores offer ideal conditions for personal consultation, thereby fulfilling a central promise of the brand.”

The furniture - clearly coded and flexible

Throughout the store, tabletops refer to the use that takes place at them: Highlight products are presented on red tops, while tops with rubberized surfaces allow for easy handling and trying out of selected merchandise.

Whether retail or trade fair - consistent brand communication in space

Our goal was not just to retread the retail space - we wanted to achieve a consistent brand presence at all built touchpoints to the target group. The way to achieve this: a global signage, retail and trade show concept that defines uniform design specifications.

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