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Corporate design and Naming for FYRST

There are many digital banking services for private customers. Deutsche Bank now brings the first offer geared toward start-ups and self-employed individuals into play. We created a visual identity that stands out in the financial industry – agile like a start-up and as safe as a big bank.

What to call the first banking start-up for start-ups and self-employed people who want to be pioneers themselves? First! First choice! FYRST! And there it was, the new name: short, easy to remember and understandable everywhere. A little different, somehow. Totally new in the financial industry – and legally protectable.

FYRST catches your eye. It combines mint green – an unusual color for the financial industry – with the imagery featuring more subdued colors imagery. Blocks of copy are offset by a headline font that adds a human touch.

While the competition relies on strict layout grids, FYRST signalizes its approachability with organic shapes. This unmistakable look is used consistently throughout all media.

Business banking made easy

Quickly find what you really need as a business customer.

As a banking start-up, FYRST is guided by a vision of providing new small businesses with the best solutions a digital bank has to offer, along with smart services geared toward their everyday business needs. So we ensured a simple user interface with user-friendly forms and processes – so FYRST business customers find the information they really need, fast.

“Remarkably combines the coolness of fin tech with the seriousness of a bank.”

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FYRST – a Deutsche Bank brand

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