Discover the taste of Ecuador

Packaging design for El Origen

We invite snack lovers to discover the taste of Latin America – with a packaging design that awakens interest in a traditional snack that is new to Germany.

The taste of Latin America in Germany’s supermarkets

El Origen is a healthy alternative to potato chips. Made from plantains and cassava roots – with no palm oil – these chips are gluten free, certified organic, and produced under fair conditions. Positive attributes that we featured the product’s packaging. With a design that is just as Latin American and full of life as the snack itself.

Happiness in a bag

With loving attention to detail we recount the chips’ heritage, ingredients and production process. Visualized using deliberately imperfect papercut icons and statements set off by bright colors and contrasts.

Fun on the shelves

Realistic images of the delicious chips complement the silhouettes of llamas, bananas, mountains and cassava plants. The no-nonsense typography clearly tells what’s inside. The packaging stands out on the shelf and arouses curiosity about the taste of Ecuador.

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