Now the Second
can be seen better.

A fully flexible and high quality brand identity for an ever evolving family.

ZDF has successfully asserted itself as the most viewed television station within Germany, yet as a brand, the company has also been confronted with major challenges. Decreasing barriers of entry into television markets, alongside an ever increasing specialisation within target groups, sectors and channel genres, have turned the "Second German Television" into a whole family of channels. In addition to its primary station, there are also now the digital channels ZDF Info, ZDF Neo and ZDF culture alongside prominent in-house brands, such as heute journal, which have strong, individual identities too.

The challenge has been to create an image transfer between each individual channel that not only conveys the values ​​of ZDF, but also promotes it as the television brand of choice for the entire population. ZDF should be clearly identified as being in the position of "high-quality supplier number one". The key: A strategic development of its corporate design and a clarification of its application.


The Second German Television (Zweite Deutsche Fernsehen or ZDF) is based in Mainz and following its first broadcast on 1 April 1963, it has gone on to become one of the largest public broadcasters within Europe.

"With these experts we now have an excellent base to stand out with unique creativity in an ever-diversifying television market and communicate effectively."

Thomas Grimm,
Marketing Director, ZDF