Returning to its territory.

The craft beer trend meets German brewing tradition.

More and more people are consciously seeking new enjoyment, yet rather than merely settling for a taste of the masses, they instead crave individuality. As a result the honest craft of producing food and drink with unique character, often from organic ingredients, has been experiencing a renaissance. For some time this trend has also been reflected in the craft beer scene which has increasingly identified itself as being apart from the general beer market. So far this has been mostly seen within the classic brewing culture associated with Anglo-Saxon beer tastes, but Wolfscraft has now set itself the more specialised goal of reviving the art of traditional German brewing. The wolf reference within the brand's name deliberately serves as a parallel between beast and beer, as for centuries the wolf had been a native of German forests before being expelled, yet it is now gradually returning to its ancestral territories. So it is also for the characteristic taste of German beer, typified in the past by traditional brewing techniques that were later replaced by mass produced products, that is today once more being rediscovered by modern drinkers.

Wolfscraft combines classic beer brewing with new, flavourful twists, such as a floral, fruity or caramel note, which compliment the lifestyles of typical craft beer consumers.

Awarded with:

Red Dot Award Communication Design 2017, Packaging Design – Award
Corporate Design Preis 2017 – Nominee
iF Design Award 2018, Packaging Design – Award


It all began with a general observation that most beers had become interchangeable, so since 2016 Wolfscraft has been reviving German brewing tradition from the Bavarian town of Freising and combining it with a modern twist.

"Together with the makers of Wolfscraft we wanted to develop a brand and packaging appearance that reflected the character of the beer: German brewing tradition, modern interpretation."

Ulrich Aldinger,
Design Director, Peter Schmidt Group