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Bayerische Staatskanzlei

Bavaria celebrates.

200 years as a constitutional state plus 100 years as a free state, yet one look.

Bavaria is celebrating two major anniversaries in 2018, a 100 years as a free state and 200 years as a constitutional state. Under the motto "WIR FEIERN BAYERN" (we celebrate Bavaria) the State Government of Bavaria together with local clubs, associations and municipalities are organising concerts, festivals, open days and much more to mark these two special occasions. Everyone who lives or works in Bavaria is invited to be a part of this jubilee year and experience what makes this German state so unique.

We have developed a common look for all the festivities which are taking place throughout the year that makes each individual event both connected and visible. A complete brand system further unifies the whole celebration through a distinctive logo partnered with a supplementary font for written text.


In November 1918 Kurt Eisner, the then leader of the socialist USPD, had used soldiers to exile King Louis III from Bavaria before he declared the country as a free state. Bavaria then became a modern entity where successive Bavarian kings could were no longer crowned, but instead swore allegiance to a constitution that permitted equality in justice, freedom of both religious practice and expression together with open access to state positions according to ability, rather than mere status as before. The state also promoted women's suffrage and enshrined an eight hour working day for the population.

„The twin concepts of cohesion and communal celebration were central in the development of the word-image brand.“

Ulrich Aldinger,
Creative Director, Peter Schmidt Group
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