Hunting for the perfect wine.

From coolhunting to winehunters.

Six friends had acquired a vineyard and wished to create a reputation for excellent wines with distinctive character, yet first they needed to explore different wine growing regions around the world to find inspiration and discover new trends. In short, they undertook what is known in trend scouting as "Cool Hunting" and a perfect name for their new wine label was born almost instinctively, for the six friends had become "Winehunters".

An analogy to hunting typically comes to mind when referring to winehunters and so it was natural for a stylised target to be developed as a key element of the brand's corporate design, for it symbolises the accurate pursuit of perfection, while individualised logo colours increase the brand's overall flexibility across diverse media applications.

Awarded with:

Red Dot 2016 – Packaging Design


Winehunters are six wine lovers who have been running a winery in Neustadt an der Weinstraße since 2012 and together share one common goal - to create wines characterised by individual character and excellent quality.

"The origin defines a wine, but only a winemaker can form its character."