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Brand Boost Sustainable Design

People trust the brands that are taking action now

How brands can use sustainable design to leverage success.

Society’s demands for sustainable development are increasing – and it is becoming clear that sustainability involves much more than just environmental protection. Economic and social sustainability are just as important. It is time for companies to accept responsibility and respond to the needs and desires of consumers. They can do this by anchoring the topic of sustainability in their day-to-day brand management and brand design.

Our “Brand Boost: Sustainable Design” whitepaper elucidates the challenges and best practices while focusing on the questions companies need to find answers to: What are the brand codes that underscore your brand’s commitment to sustainability? How can you use sustainable brand design to achieve beneficial economic effects? And is it possible to design your brand’s websites in a more resource-efficient way? We also provide an overview of five fields in which companies can take action.

Brand Boost: Sustainable Design

The publication covers important aspects of sustainable design and provides an overview of more than 30 actions companies can take. It was compiled on the basis of a comprehensive assessment of available publications about sustainability, governmental regulations and design guidelines. Moreover, it is informed by our many years of experience serving such clients as Deutsche Bahn, Henkel and the KfW banking group.

“During the Coronavirus pandemic we are seeing more attention being paid to the social pillars of sustainability in addition to the ecological aspects. Brands can use design as a powerful tool for communication.”

Lukas Cottrell,
Managing Partner, Peter Schmidt Group
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