Weleda AG

The gentle evolution of a unique brand

A natural philosophy, authentically staged.

For almost a hundred years Weleda has stood for cosmetics and toiletries which exclusively use biodynamic, raw materials to release their many, individual strengths. An absence of pollutants and additives ensures that a desire for body care and beauty never comes at an expense of health. For example, pomegranate seed oil protects the skin from oxidative stress, while sea buckthorn oil retains the skin’s moisture and the balancing properties of wheat promote a healthy scalp.

While remaining faithful to the anthroposophical roots of the brand, we have further developed it by incorporating a modern design that retains a focus on nature.

Ausgezeichnet mit:

iF Design Award 2011, Packaging Design

Weleda AG

Weleda is one of the largest, natural cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Since 1921, Weleda has not only maintained a consistent philosophy in the manufacturing of its products, but also in its commitment to people. Today, Weleda’s flagship line remains body care within the cosmetic sector.