Wataniya Airways

Innovation and tradition in one.

A noble appearance for a proud ambassador.

In January 2009 the first aircraft of Wataniya Airways departed from its home airport in Kuwait and prior to this we had supported the company in all aspects of its positioning, brand identity and corporate design.

A complete corporate appearance had been developed that embraced colours, shapes and symbols from across the Arabic world which were then translated into graphic patterns that represented innovation, tradition and a sense of national pride. The stylised Kuwait Towers, the most well known national emblem of the state, embodied this approach on the tailplane of each aircraft while a dynamic logo, derived from a hawk, drew both "wing" and "sail" associations.

Our work for Wataniya Airways required extensive intercultural awareness paired with in depth knowledge of the aviation business and necessitated close cooperation across many different agencies, specialists and regulatory authorities. In this way we ensured consistent implementation of the new brand appearance across every customer touchpoint: From aircraft cabin design, check-in counters and terminal spaces through to crew uniforms, in-flight entertainment systems and corporate sound as well as classic printed material, such as tickets, business stationary and large scale advertising.


Awarded with:

iF Design Award 2009, Brand Development
Corporate Design Preis 2009, Nomination

Wataniya Airways

Wataniya Airways was founded in 2006, originally as a premium airline, and was the only airline of Kuwait that exclusively used a private terminal of the city’s airport to serve destinations within both the Gulf region and Europe.

Falconry has long been a tradition within Arabic culture and we abstracted a silhouette from these revered birds and translated it into a modern logo.

An ornamental pattern was created from individual logo parts that not only served as a decorative element, but also provided a strong regional reference.

The Kuwait Towers, a proud symbol for both the economic power of the country and of modern Arabia, adorned each aircraft's tailplane.

"Our work for Wataniya Airways had first been to question European patterns of thinking before we developed a sense of what the keyword "premium" meant within the Arab world."

Lukas Cottrell,
Managing Director, Peter Schmidt Group

„This is pure poetry in motion. The benefits of a scheduled airline service with all the frills yet without the frustrations that are linked with large busy airports – this is the way to fly.“

Quote one of the first passengers, newspaper interview