Teahouse Exclusives

Every cup is a pleasure full of natural goodness.

Forget everyday life as you enjoy the world.

Every sip of tea is a journey into oneself, perhaps even a dream of gently undulating tea plantations, yet always to a place of natural peacefulness that offers a haven from the bustle of everyday life. Such sentiments are equally visible in the packaging of Teahouse Exclusives' "Organic Line", where clear, bold circular shapes represent aerial views of stylised teacups which have been artfully decorated with entwining leaves and blossoms to succinctly illustrate each tea's variety. Combined with genteel, softly curving typography the packaging not only communicates the greatest enjoyment of tea consumption, but also the balanced, organic provenance of the product line itself.

Inside every package each teabag is individually wrapped entirely in the tradition of Thomas Sullivan, who invented the first tea bag back in1903, to retain the tea's freshness and enable its full flavour to develop when needed. Teahouse Exclusives' spacious, cotton bags contain only loose tea of the highest quality and have no metal fastenings that could spoil the rich flavour of their contents.

Awarded with:

iF Design Award 2015, Packaging Design

Teahouse Exclusives

Teahouse Exclusives is a brand of the Hamburg company Market Grounds. Its managing director, Kai Ellerbrock, produces and sells tea of the highest standard and quality that continues a long lasting family tradition: Since the time of his grandfathers in 1879, the company's pioneering spirit has helped revolutionise the world of tea with many new innovations, including the development and marketing of decaffeinated, flavoured and instant tea. More recent range extensions of Everyday and Organic Tea continue this noble tradition.