Teahouse Exclusives

Handpicked and full of character.

Eight strong personalities for total tea enjoyment.

Tea drinkers are strong, characterful individuals who like to indulge in conscious moments of deceleration in their everyday lives, and "Everyday Tea" by Teahouse Exclusives is the perfect way of achieving this. For them, we have developed a design that embraces the existing high standards of a family business that has been operating since 1879, while continuing to meet the exacting needs of today's restaurants, hotels and retail outlets.

The eight cartons of the series are packaged in high quality, shimmering bronze with loosely sketched drawings of different cups and teapots. Thanks to a striking splash of colour, each individual variety is immediately apparent as it employs a typography that has been 100% handpicked for Teahouse Exclusives, just like the tea itself. Unique and individual handwriting that has been specially created so that each carton remains distinctive, yet unmistakable.

Awarded with:

iF Design Award 2015, Packaging Design
Red Dot Communication Design 2015, Packaging Design

Teahouse Exclusives

Teahouse Exclusives is a brand of the Hamburg company Market Grounds. Its managing director, Kai Ellerbrock, produces and sells tea of the highest standard and quality that continues a long lasting family tradition: Since the time of his grandfathers in 1879, the company's pioneering spirit has helped revolutionise the world of tea with many new innovations, including the development and marketing of decaffeinated, flavoured and instant tea. More recent range extensions of Everyday and Organic Tea continue this noble tradition.