Städel Museum

A modern, fresh beginning to honour a rich tradition.

A strong brand mark for posters and digital applications.

Since its founding in 1816, the Städel Museum had been continuously expanding the inventory of its extensive collection yet this had often created spatial restrictions when attempting to exhibit its many pieces. Following an extension of its basement "garden halls" its exhibition area had almost doubled, as of spring 2012, and this then presented the museum with a possibility of expanding its profile within the genre of contemporary art. In turn, a broader positioning that represented modernity and tradition had been required that would connect this evolution. We have subsequently accompanied the Städel Museum, both strategically and creatively, to successfully achieve this.

The Städel Museum has been retained as an overriding brand that is now additionally supported by a stylised, big "S" that provides a distinctive logo that can be used within of the museum’s media. It provides a strong foundation for an extremely flexible, corporate design that equally fits low-key, internal communication as well as classical, high profile exhibition material. A special focus of our work has been to provide the Städel with a wide range of design templates that enable media applications to be created independently which further promote a continuous, yet consistent, development of the museum’s appearance.

Awarded with:

Red Dot Award 2012
Corporate Design Preis 2012 – Nominee
DDC „Good Design“ 2013, Brand Communication – Bronze
Best of Corporate Publishing 2012

Städel Museum Frankfurt

The Städel Museum, located in Frankfurt, is one of Germany's most illustrious art museums. Founded in 1816 by a local banker, Johann Friedrich Städel, it has been located since 1878 on its current site and is a central part of the city’s famous museum, river embankment. The collection today includes close to 3,000 paintings, ranging from art of the middle ages right up until to the present day. In addition, the collection also includes a Graphic Art Collection of 100,000 drawings and prints, 600 sculptures, over 1,100 historical photographs as well as a reference library of over 100,000 volumes. In 2013, the Städel was awarded the title “Museum of the Year 2012” by the German section of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA).