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How does Schüco sound?

A sound that fits the brand perfectly, created using their own products.

We have been developing the corporate design of Schüco since 2003 and now for the first time its visual identity can also be experienced audibly as we have developed a unique, corporate sound together with BLUT Conceptual Audio Design: The core values ​​of the brand have been translated into a distinctive, acoustic sound that not only differentiates Schüco within its market, but also makes it more memorable and recognisable as it can be flexibly used across diverse touchpoints.

In addition, the corporate sound has also been created on instruments manufactured from the company's own products which not only generate a unique sound, but also demonstrate the quality of materials used by Schüco and the exactitude of its processes as the best way to create beautiful music is to use instruments of the highest precision.

Awarded with:

ADC Deutschland 2017, Sound Branding – Bronze
Corporate Design Preis 2017 – Award
Red Dot Award Communication Design 2017 – Award
German Design Award 2018 – Winner
iF Design Award 2018, Corporate Design – Award

Schüco International KG

Schüco has been a system provider for windows, doors and facades for more than 65 years and currently employs around 4,700 people worldwide. Positioned as both a technological and service leader within its industry, today as well as in the future, Schüco consistently works towards meeting the changing needs of its customers around the world and across all phases of a construction project, from the first idea and initial planning stage right through to the final implementation of both residential and commercial buildings.

"It was not just about creating a recognisable sound sequence, but also developing a sound that came from the heart of the brand. The fact that our products additionally have the makings of high precision musical instruments impressively proves the quality of our skill and materials."

Dr. Georg Spranger,
Head of Marketing and Corporate Development, Schüco International KG
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