Simple, memorable, rebellious.

A bold appearance for an unconventional prize.

The Rosa-Schapire-Kunstpreis (Rosa Schapire Art Prize) is unusual as it is not awarded by a panel of judges, but instead by a notable individual decided upon by the Freunde der Hamburger Kunsthalle (Friends of the Hamburg Art Gallery). Such a courageous process that honours exceptional artists equally demands a powerful identity, so we created a distinctive key visual: An upside down "R" to represent rebellious "alternative thinking" alongside a succinct serif that symbolises the thorn of a rose. This visual forms the shape of the prize itself and is also applied spatially as an installation within the gallery.

Awarded with:

Red Dot Award Communication Design – "Best of the Best"
iF Design Award 2017, Corporate Design – Award
Corporate Design Preis 2017 – Award
DDC Gute Gestaltung, Corporate Design – Silver
German Design Award 2018 – Winner


This art prize is endowed with 20,000 Euros and is awarded by the Freunde der Hamburger Kunsthalle (Friends of the Hamburg Art Gallery). The recipient is not decided upon through the majority vote of a panel of judges, but instead by the single decision of a different, notable individual who is appointed each year. The first juror was the former director of Cologne's Museum Ludwig, Professor Kasper König, who awarded the 2016 prize to the Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi.

"We had distributed sixty Styrodur Rs throughout the gallery to intuitively guide visitors to the awards ceremony, yet after the event all of them became trophies for souvenir hunters. Can there be any higher praise for a logo?"

Norbert Möller,
Executive Creative Director, Peter Schmidt Group