Luxury, version 2.0., is now for everyone.

The beginning of a fine, new world.

Strong, own label brands have long been a key success factor within the retail, food industry. The REWE Group had therefore invited the Peter Schmidt Group to pitch for a development of a new, premium own-label brand at the end of 2008 and our task was to create an attractive, umbrella brand for many exceptional products from around the world. Today, the range is constantly changing and being continuously expanded whilst our concept and name "Feine Welt"' has become a basis for an ongoing, successful working partnership with the REWE Group.

As diverse as any fine world had been the challenges involved, as this new brand world was to be aimed at the premium end of the market, yet remain accessible for all food consumers. The products were to have the character of a gift, but also be inviting in their own right, while the packaging needed to stand out in a market where consumer preference was to see and identify everything quickly and efficiently.

So, a version 2.0 of luxury has been created, one which is never aloof or detached, but moreover invites with quality and inspiration so that everyone can participate in its experience.

We have taken this "Feine Welt" forward into new, ground breaking territory. The premium brand employs an elegant gold that contrasts with a light, appealing white background, as opposed to being classically combined with black, and its products are now exceptionally presented with artistic composure that immediately whets the consumers’ appetite for discovery.

Awarded with:

Red Dot Award 2010
iF Design Award 2010


REWE supermarkets are part of the REWE Group, a leading trade and tourism concern within Europe that ranks number 3 in the European food trade league.

Within Germany, independent retailers and affiliates of Rewe supermarkets employ close to 226,000 people.