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Reifenhäuser Group

A stage for a hidden champion.

Family history is being re-told.

Anton Reifenhäuser first opened a forge in Troisdorf, Germany, in 1911 and following a hundred years of expansion, this tyre group today has become a worldwide technological pioneer and highly specialised supplier of extrusion equipment. Wherever in the world high-quality sheeting or non woven textiles are being produced, it is probably machinery from the Reifenhäuser Group that is being used.

However, as the company evolved from a small, family concern into a global, leader of innovation, it had not only been growing stronger through acquisitions and diversification over this time, its structure had also changed significantly.

A rebranding was therefore needed to reflect the Reifenhäuser Group’s evolution in a more modern, uniform and systematic way that would additionally make its leading position and high technological standards unmistakably clear.

Reifenhäuser Group

The Reifenhäuser Group is the leading, global provider of technology and components for the extrusion of plastics. The company was founded in 1911 and today has over 1,200 employees, yet it is still run by its original, family owners.

Its headquarters is located in Troisdorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, and the Group also has branches and representative offices in China, Denmark, Manila, Moscow, Mumbai, Singapore and the United States.

“The affiliation of subsidiary companies to a strong group, along with our high technological standards, enables a modern, systematic corporate image to be projected.”

Bernd Reifenhäuser,
Chief Executive Officer, Reifenhäuser Group
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