Qi2 Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition right to the point.

Potentising life’s energy

"Qi" stands for life’s energy, while Qi2 represents its potentiation, and together they form the brand name of a high-quality, sports nutrition range that was first introduced at the end of 2013. Qi2 Sports Nutrition has been developed for athletes who wish to optimise their training results and embraces a complete spectrum of needs for fitness oriented customers, from targeted entry level female enthusiasts right up to performing professionals. Encompassing drinks, snack bars, shakes and capsules, its broad product portfolio enables individually tailored, fitness solutions.

The claim of the brand refers both simultaneously to its positioning and development, employing a visual appearance that is transparent, embodies trust and represents already the first step of a personal, fitness consultation.

Awarded with:

Red Dot 2014
German Design Award 2014, Special Mention

Qi2 Sports Nutrition

The products of Qi2 have been available since the end of 2013 in around 180 McFit gyms throughout Germany and Austria, as well as through an online store (www.qi-2.com)