Building a new brand that elevates heated tobacco offers to a new level.

A multi-sensory brand experience

PULZE is a new global brand entering a quickly-evolving product category. Equal parts tobacco brand and technology brand, it heralds a new era in the way people enjoy tobacco.

A smarter alternative to the traditional experience of combustible smoking . In keeping with this sense of evolution our positioning is heated tobacco the way it should be, establishing PULZE at the forefront of this movement. Tobacco is an intimately personal choice, therefore PULZE communicates on a human level:  tech with a human touch, which speaks to all the senses with a warm, welcoming familiarity. 

Tasked with creating the PULZE brand from scratch, we brought together a truly multi-disciplinary team armed with the full spectrum of skills. With the background of a longstanding client/agency partnership, we were able to work closely in a holistic way to meet the challenge of uniting the many brand assets and touchpoints in a cohesive fashion.

Imperial Brands

Imperial Brands PLC is a global company headquartered in Bristol, Great Britain, with a portfolio encompassing both tobacco and lifestyle products. It is the umbrella brand for five independent brands: Imperial Tobacco, Tabacalera, ITG Brands, Fontem Ventures and Logista. Imperial Brands employs a staff of about 33,000 employees worldwide.

Simple, dynamic, memorable and easy for an international audience to understand and articulate

Through our sonic branding we are able to communicate our open challenger values in a creative, effective non-visual way.

Dynamic, iconic and international

From a premium website to dynamic motion graphics that bring to life the personality of PULZE

Every last detail is carefully considered to create an engaging brand experience that appeals to all the senses