Peter Schmidt Type

A special font to reflect a strong character.

We transformed the handwriting of one of Germany’s most influential designers into a unique font.

Peter Schmidt has left a lasting impression on the history of German design. He created logos which stood the test of time over many decades, and is one of the most influential packaging designers of the post-war era. The perfume bottles he created made it all the way to the New York Museum of Modern Art. To honour his 80th birthday, we developed a font based on his handwriting – one which reflects his character and his broad impact as a designer.

It began with a selection of handwriting – and the realisation: Peter Schmidt has a diverse way of writing. He virtually designs each word as an individual creation. At the same time, he uses elements that appear time and time again. The logical result: not just one but an entire range of fonts were developed. This variation enables designers to place various aesthetic accents in their works. Maximum flexibility, linked together by a strong character. Typical Peter Schmidt.

Awarded with:

Corporate Design Preis 2019

Peter Schmidt Group

The Peter Schmidt Group is the currently highest-grossing brand and design agency in Germany and part of the BBDO Group Germany. Their clients include globally-active corporations such as Linde, Henkel and Imperial Brands, financial companies like the Postbank or DZ BANK, fashion and beauty brands as well as cultural institutions. Since autumn 2017, the Peter Schmidt Group has been responsible for the corporate design of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railway).

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“What sets us apart is our diversity – in our origins, our attitude and in the impact of our work. This diversity is also expressed through the Peter Schmidt font.”

Norbert Möller,
Executive Creative Director, Peter Schmidt Group

“There’s no better way to launch a font!”

PAGE magazine, 28 November 2018