Peter Schmidt Group


A detergent becomes a Professional tool.

From New York to L.A "Professional" washing expertise is now available for everyone.

Persil has been established as a well known laundry detergent brand within Germany for over a hundred years and is so successful that it is now being sold in more and more countries around the world. Following recent launches in the MENA countries (Middle East / North Africa), Mexico and South Korea, the brand is now taking its first steps into the USA market. Yet for the Peter Schmidt Group this is not merely about exporting another successful German product, but rather how to communicate Persil's brand image to the American market and meet the requirements, washing habits and expectations of detergent customers between New York and L.A.

We have therefore developed a completely new and independent brand concept: Persil Pro Clean. "Pro Clean" represents absolute washing expertise that now allows everyone to wash their clothes "like a professional". A claim that is equally reflected in a packaging design which features a central silver circle that displays relevant product information and from which the pure, creative power and performance of the brand radiates outwards.

Henkel AG

Henkel is active around the world with market leading brands and technology within the three key business areas of laundry and cleaning agents, beauty care and adhesive technology. With its headquarters in Düsseldorf, the company has globally close to 47,000 members of staff of which more than 80% are employed outside of Germany.

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