In the midst of life.

From a reconstruction of the brand to a reconstruction of its markets.

The slogan "Erstmal zu Penny" ("First Time at Penny") was the beginning of a repositioning for Penny in June 2011 and since this time we have been working together with them to consistently modernise the appearance of their discount stores and supermarket own brands. Our goal has been to present Penny so it is now perceived as the "likeable discounter next door" by consumers.

To achieve this, we have completely revised the appearance of Penny through a new logo and corporate design in addition to creating a new market concept. A new, own brand has also been introduced to the consumer that promotes Penny as a recommended partner for their every day needs and which further represents honesty and good value.

Penny Markt GmbH

Since 1973 Penny Markt GmbH has been in business as a food discounter subsidiary of the REWE Group. It operates solely within Germany and has around 2,200 stores. Penny is the third largest discount store operator within Europe, employs almost 43,000 people and generated sales of over 10 billion Euros in 2010.