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Pandemic Design System

Communication without detours. Free for everyone to download.

Easily understandable design for the most important topic of our time: health.

During the corona pandemic, everyone can contribute to preventing the spread of the virus. Keeping distance and following simple hygiene rules are essential. This is especially true in places where you come into contact with people from other households – in the office, for example. After weeks in the home office, more and more employees are gradually returning to their workplaces. And we too are looking forward to seeing our colleagues not only in video conferences!

All this means companies must create the conditions for a safe working environment and make employees aware of the rules of conduct. After all, much of what is necessary seems uncustomary in a familiar working environment.

We have developed a set of universally understandable pictograms that translate behavioral recommendations into a design that is easy to grasp. These informative symbols can be easily integrated into the most diverse corporate identities, regardless of the industry or the usage scenario.

Pandemic Design System

The Pandemic Design System uses 29 pictograms to illustrate the most important hygiene rules to prevent the spread of the corona virus. All of these motifs are free to use as desired.

The work is not intended as a medical recommendation, but as a creative contribution. We recommend that all users regularly inform themselves about current recommendations – for example, by consulting the website of the public health office.  In Germany, you find further information at the "Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung" or the Public Accident Insurance DGUV.

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