A hummus craft beer as a symbol of friendship.

The perfect occasion for the world's first hummus beer.

Last year Israel and Germany celebrated the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations and what had begun as a cautious approach to one another has since developed into a true friendship, one where good friends not only share their experiences but also get to know each other. Inspired by this ideal Mazelprost, a drink in the tradition of craft beer, was created that combined a culinary specialty from each country: Hummus and beer, as in addition to the customary ingredients of water, yeast, hops and malt, 20 percent of Mazelprost was also made from chickpeas. The beer's name equally linked the two countries together as Mazelprost was a combination of the Hebrew "Mazel Tov", for "Good luck!", and the German "Prost", meaning "Cheers!".

Mazelprost is the official drink of the German-Israeli friendship, yet this honour has been interpreted in an humorous and down to earth way. Its transparent label, seal and colour scheme reflect current trends within the craft beer segment to give Mazelprost an optimistic and modern image.

Awarded with:

iF Design Award 2016, Packaging Design – Gold
Red Dot 2016 – Packaging Design
Corporate Design Preis 2016 – Nominee
German Design Award 2017, Packaging Design – Special Mention
DDC „Gute Gestaltung 17“, Packaging Design – Award


The recipe for Mazelprost had originally been developed at the Research and Teaching Institute for Brewing in Berlin (VLB) and the beer was produced by the Berlin brewery Schoppe Bräu. Mazelprost has since been served at many public events, such as the Opera Ball in Leipzig, and has even become a permanent exhibit within the collection of the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

"Celebrate together and wish luck with a toast, the connection is that simple. For Mazel and Prost stand for hummus and beer presented in a bottle design that has both the German and Israeli flags which unite both countries every time a toast is struck."

Franzis Heusel,
Managing Director, BBDO Berlin

"The Jewish Museum in Berlin received Mazelprost into its collection at the end of November last year so today the beer has almost become an official representation of German-Jewish cultural history."

, 11. Dezember 2015