The Baltic Sea goes on the road.

Using an iconic vehicle to win new friends for a venerable beer brand.

When residents of Germany’s Baltic Coast use the word “Lübzer,” they are ready to enjoy a cold beer. The brand is very well known throughout the region. And now it’s hoping to win new fans in southeastern Germany. In fact, Lübzer acquired an iconic Mercedes bus to send on a road trip to raise awareness of the brand. But unfortunately, the vehicle didn’t have the requisite “Lübzer style.”

So we made a few changes to the classic Mercedes bus, giving it a new interior as well as a promotional module that communicates motives and messages having to do with sailing. Now, wherever the bus goes, it brings the roar of the sea with it. We even built a scale model of the Lübzer Lighthouse – hallmark of the region and trademark of the brand – that lights up just like the real one. So no one can miss the Lübzer-Mobile when it’s making its rounds.


Lübzer beer is a brand of Carlsberg Deutschland GmbH. First brewed in 1877 at Lübz Brewery in the region of Mecklenburg, it is one of the best known beer brands in northern and eastern Germany.

In addition to the traditional “Lübzer Pils” brew, the brand’s other beverages – Lübzer Lemon, Lübzer Urkraft, Lübzer Alcohol-free and Lübzer Lemon Acohol-free – are also very popular.

“We got the Lübzer-Mobile on the road quickly by employing agile structures and inter-disciplinary methods.”

Steven Cichon,
Director Brand Spaces, Peter Schmidt Group