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LSG Group

A powerful visual identity for the experts in onboard service.

We help a global champion present its brands in the best possible way.

The roots of the LSG Group lie in in-flight catering for air traffic. But over the decades, the company has evolved to become an expert in holistic catering and service experiences. By the turn of the millennium, due to acquisitions and start-ups, the LSG Group's portfolio included a large number of specialized brands for a wide range of segments, including rail and retail.

We collaborated with the LSG Group to simplify their offerings and restructure them on the basis of their respective usage situations. We then helped the LSG Group anchor the new structure within the company. In this context, we also redesigned the brand identity, enhancing the emotional appeal of the company's communication and enabling it to showcase its services in a more convincing manner.

LSG Group

The LSG Group is one of the world's leading providers of a complete product and service portfolio for onboard services. The range of services includes catering, on-board sales and entertainment programs, on-board service equipment and the associated logistics as well as consulting services and the operation of lounges. The company employs 36,000 people in 59 countries and produced around 719 million meals in 2018 alone.

„Connecting Experts. Creating Experiences.“

Claim, Peter Schmidt Group

“The new LSG Group identity showcases the brand’s role as an integrator by mirroring our business strategy and supporting the development of our individual business segments and the LSG Group as a whole. Working with the Peter Schmidt Group we successfully built a brand portfolio that allows for clarity and growth while demonstrating our dynamism and flexibility.”

Alexandra Siokou,
Director Global Brand & Marketing Strategy, LSG Group
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