Linde AG – The sixth element

The first digital point of contact to the brand.

The stronger the character, the more flexible the options for further development.

Mobile devices were already outselling conventional PCs by 2012. Touchscreens are thus becoming the new standard for digital interaction – and the touching of icons is becoming the first point of contact in terms of brand experience. As such, the basic elements of the corporate design – logo, font, colour scheme, picture concept and layout principles – need a sixth element: the icon language typical of the brand.

Awarded with:

Corporate Design Preis 2014

Linde AG

In 1895 Carl von Linde developed a method for the extraction of gases from the air. From this small beginning, the Linde Group today has become the world's largest industrial gas and engineering company, with worldwide sales of EUR 16,655 billion (2013) and employing over 63,000 people in more than 100 countries. (Source: Linde, Annual report 2013).

‘Icons will increasingly influence the brand experience and should therefore be seen as part of the corporate design.’

Niels Stehn,
Design Director Corporate Branding, Peter Schmidt Group